Society for Tourism & Entertainment Promotion in Chandigarh (STEPS)

Aims & Objects

STEPS has been set up to promote Tourism and Entertainment in the Union Territory of Chandigarh in accordance with the policies and action plans of the Chandigarh Administration, as laid down from time to time. The endeavor is to enable Chandigarh to be known both nationally and internationally in these fields. The Society also aims to promote Medical Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Sports Tourism, Cinematic Tourism and all other forms of Tourism in Chandigarh UT and the region.


1 . To promote tourist/visitor arrivals in Chandigarh UT, in accordance with the national level plans for promotion of tourism and Chandigarh Administration's policies, through all possible means.

2. To organize, support, manage, promote and publicize all such events and activities that entertain the general pubic through both modern and traditional activities/events in a manner that is wholesome and reflective of Indian and foreign culture, while keeping in view the sensibilities of the society and the laws of the land.

3. To organize, promote and support such events and activities which provide to the people of Chandigarh and of the region, exposure to cross-cultural entertainment, including but not restricted to music and dance performances, films, opera, concerts, theatre etc. by local, national and international individuals or groups.

4. To prepare and distribute souvenirs and literature including pamphlets, brochures and CDs etc. on a mass scale and to use all other possible means of promoting tourism and entertainment in Chandigarh UT i.e. through the media and by other means.